Streaming Services

We’ll discuss the many ways streaming services can help you find your fanbase and how you can them to connect in a variety of ways, whether you’re announcing news, or just showing a glimpse of the creative process.

Breaking out in the music scene is a task too great for many these days. Some artists just hit a lucky break while others are discovered after hustling for years. One thing remains constant when someone gets their big break. They always have a community of fans supporting them. From Beyonce’s Bey Hive to Star Trek’s Trekkies, fandoms help people excel in the entertainment industry. But how can you even tell that you have a following? What do they like or dislike?

There are many ways to connect with fans these days but sometimes you have to get creative to find out what your followers are really thinking. Communities are a great way to unveil what’s going on with your fans. You can utilize streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud to participate in the conversation with your followers. Below you will find some insider tips on what makes streaming services and blogs such great tools for connecting with fans.

Build A Community

One thing you gain from utilizing your streaming services is a sense of community. Engage with followers when you post new content. Reply to comments and make fans feel like their opinion matters. Because ultimately it does. We all know there’s nothing better than having your favorite singer reply to your comment. So be those guys and give the people what they want.

Most streaming services have features that allow artists to link to their social media channels. Invite your streaming community to follow your social media accounts. This can be helpful when trying to grow your social presence. Those numbers may not seem that important but they can be used in proposals for potential partnerships. The greater following you have, the more collaborations you can utilize in the future.

Convert Casual Listeners

Sometimes fans land on your Spotify or Soundcloud based on one single they heard. Give them something to listen to when they arrive. Have your albums chronologically displayed along with top singles at the head of your page. Create themed playlists of your music that fans can stream. You could create a playlist of your Best Ballads. The cool thing about this is you can put your most notorious tracks in playlists with not so well known tracks, this, in turn, will increase listenership for all music.

Get Behind the Scenes Info On Fans

Platforms like Soundcloud have made it easy for fans and artists to communicate. By engaging in the comments, you are able to see what your fans like or dislike. It’s your way to connect with fans and find out how you can improve or find out what you’re doing right. By becoming involved with fans, you can get details on your demographic and who exactly is listening to your music. This can give you an idea of how and where to market your material.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to connecting with fans. Whatever your method just make sure that it doesn’t fall to the wayside. It may seem overwhelming but if you just take a step back and analyze your audience, everything else will fall into place.