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Title: Brazilian Rockstress Reah Valente Debuts “My Way Back Home”

Short description or highlights of press release content: Album Production By Legendary Producers, Paul Fox & Dave Cobb (10,000 Maniacs with Natalie Merchant, Sugarcubes with Bjork & Shooter Jennings)

City, State  Month, Day, Year — Brazilian Rockstress Reah Valente releases single, “My Way Home” as she prepares for her US debut and upcoming promo tour this summer.  The album also entitled, “My Way Home” [Avaras, Inc.] features production from legendary producers Paul Fox and Dave Cobb who fuse Reah’s powerful songwriting ability with her heart compelling voice.

“My Way Home” follows the success of Reah’s debut album “Certain Relativity” [2005, Japan] and showcases her superstar potential and individuality as a singer along with highlighting her creativity as a record producer. In addition to the mind capturing lyrics of “My Way Home” and her collaborative band, the 10 track album features uptempo songs like “Your So Special” and the beautiful Portuguese “Coisa Linda.”

Valente has completed four music videos with award-winning music video director, David Brodsky (Fall Out Boy, Helmet, Hatebreed); the videos will be serviced to major music channel networks and available for download within the coming months. The first video “My Way Home” can be seen on Reah’s myspace page in May.

As she continues to create a new mold for female rock artists, Reah Valente unveils new trends in her aspirations to become one of the most prominent international singer-songwriters. She has recently performed throughout Japan, Canada and the United States and her voice often noted to be “intensely compelling because it is a mirror to her mind.”

The Brazilian native discovered her love for music at a very young age and shortly after begin to pursue her music career in Japan before moving to New York City.  Reah Valente will launch her promotional tour later this year along with other public appearances.

About Reah Valente

When she was three-years-old, Reah began playing all of her father’s albums becoming particularly obsessed with Credence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel. Born to a disco-hopping German fashion model and her father, a Portuguese lawyer by day and DJ by night, Reah was eager to begin playing music. After moving to New York City in 2005 to pursue her music career, she finally met hip-hop producer Andy Thelusma, Red Spyda (50-cent, Eminem, Macy Gray) who later introduced her to legendary producers Paul Fox and Dave Cobb in Los Angeles.  Reah then moved to LA to work with the dynamic duo and finished recording 10 tracks that would showcase a more mature, worldly and vastly more secure Reah

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