AMW Pro Progress

Since we are currently in beta, we will be adding quite a lot more information in the AMW Pro area. Below is a list of things we are planning to add in the coming days, weeks and months. We welcome topic and functionality requests, please click here to submit.


  1. Structuring AMW Pro section
  2. Adding resource center with Sections
  3. Various Contract Templates
  4. Shortcuts and latest pages
  5. Account settings

Entertainer’s Track

  1. How to land a job in the entertainment industry – ADDED
  2. How to grow fan base on Twitter – ADDED
  3. How to land a weekly paid gig – ADDED
  4. How to get a distribution deal? – ADDED
  5. How to copyright your material – ADDED
  6. How to approach a major record label – ADDED
  7. Booking your first Tour  – ADDED
  8. Designing Cover Art for your Album Project
  9. Radio promotion services  – ADDED
  10. Publishing houses – ADDED
  11. Designers, photographers & printers – ADDED
  12. Digital distribution (music, video and books)
  13. Great Templates (boiler agreements, rider, email examples)
  14. Reading List (books to read)
  15. Add more Interviews

Platform & Functionality

  1. Support desk integration – ADDED (click support on menu)
  2. Page navigation (previous, next)
  3. Inspirational quotes of the day
  4. Client quotes
  5. Similar topics (tagging)